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We spend every day perfecting how to create better retirement income plans, so you don’t have to. It’s our specialty.

What do Baby Boomers ask...

“Do I have enough savings to retire and stay retired?”

“If I do, how much is it going to cost me to manage my funds and create my retirement income?”

“How will my savings generate a lasting income?”

“How will I know if I am in danger of running out of funds during retirement?”

“At what age should I begin collecting my Social Security?”

Our answer...

These are the questions that keep retirees up at night. How do we know? We have been listening to them and the message has always been the same:

“Am I going to run out of funds during retirement and become a burden to my family?”

Our goal is to not just answer these questions, but to offer the solutions.

Retirees are no longer satisfied with newspaper or television advice to ‘just spend 4% of your savings annually and you should be okay’. When it’s your money and you need it to last for 30 years or more, this back-of-the-envelope analysis is insufficient for today’s environment of living into your 90’s.

Corporate pension funds use sophisticated planning models to ensure their funds provide current income to their retirees, while growing and managing undistributed assets so these resources will be available to meet future obligations many years from now.

For the first time, this powerful analytical planning tool is available to individuals. The solutions we offer for people to manage their savings and investments provide them with a predictable, lifelong income stream that will support their retirement lifestyle.

The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan takes the user’s inputted information and based upon the selected preferences and assumptions, the software creates the necessary strategy. This is changing the way retirees feel about their financial well-being and allows them to become the financial architect of their future.

We are also changing the way the individuals are paying for investment advice. Breaking from traditional asset-based fees that varies with how much is invested, we are now offering subscription-based fees, which is a flat fee for service selected regardless of assets. This new way gives transparency and clarity to how you pay for creating retirement income.

The way we pay for gym memberships, on-line entertainment media, or any other subscriptions have become a common way to purchase services. Customers are accustomed to paying a flat fee for services, regardless of the extent of use. Why should financial services be any different? By charging a subscription-based fee, our clients know exactly how much they spend on financial advice, taking the guess work out of budgeting for this expense during retirement.

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Our Mission

To empower retirees with the tools they need to manage their retirement income and stay in control of their own financial future.

Our Hope

That our clients can have the type of retirement they’ve always dreamed of and have peace of mind about their financial future.

Our Commitment

To offer an affordable, uncomplicated retirement income plan that every retiree can understand, implement, and follow.

Our Dream

Every retiree will know they have the tools that empower them to take control of their retirement income so they can spend their time checking off their bucket list.

Our founder

Henry Ilyasov ran a successful financial advisory practice for 14 years, specializing in retirement income planning. He helped hundreds of his clients to transition from employment paycheck to retirement income using the commonly used bucket strategy that is prevalent in the industry.

While meeting with his clients, they would often appreciate how simple the investment strategy was and commented that if they had these tools, they could implement it themselves. Henry eventually left his practice to establish Investment Link® and develop The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan, which is modeled off the same bucket strategy he had used for years.

Today, individual customers are using The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan, a web-based retirement income planning software, to help them structure their savings and investments to create and manage their lifelong retirement income. Financial professionals are using the software to easily service the retirement income needs for their clients.

Henry Ilyasov holds the designations as a Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM (CRPC®) and Accredited Portfolio Management AdvisorSM (APMA®).

Our partner

Since founded in 2007, SenecaGlobal, Inc. has been positioning its customers to achieve their digital transformation goals, through custom software and application development, enterprise cloud transformations and managed services, IT support and help desk services, and more.

SenecaGlobal has four office locations throughout the world, including a management, sales and delivery center in Chicago, a software development and testing center in Hyderabad, India and two regional offices in Hartford, Connecticut and Atlanta, Georgia that collectively employ more than 300 team members.

To learn more about SenecaGlobal, please visit: www.senecaglobal.com

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