Refer-a-Friend Reward Yourself Program

There are people around you who would benefit from using The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan, but only if they knew about it. Receive a permanent reduction of 10% every time they sign up with a paid plan. They will also get 10%.

Unlimited referral discount program for individual users.

When you refer us to your neighbors, friends, family members, or colleagues and they sign up with a paid plan, you will automatically receive a permanent reduction of 10%. They will also receive a 10% reduction, making retirement income management affordable for everyone.

Use the example below to see how just five referrals can significantly reduce your monthly fee. There is no limit on the number of referral discounts you can receive.

Referral # Current Billing ($) Discount (%) Total Discount ($) New Billing ($)
1 $25.00 10% $2.50 $22.50
2 $22.50 10% $4.75 $20.25
3 $20.25 10% $6.78 $18.23
4 $18.23 10% $8.60 $16.40
5 $16.40 10% $10.24 $14.76

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Any plan. No credit card required.

We've removed all the barriers

so you can see for yourself how creating a plan to manage your retirement income puts you in control over your financial future.

Thanks for sharing!

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