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Retirement Buckets® Features.

Time-tested strategy built as a web-based retirement income management software to empower the users with the tools they need to manage retirement income.

Social Security Estimator.

For most people, the retirement benefits from Social Security is one of the most important components of their overall retirement income plan. We built the Social Security Estimator to help you decide on what age to begin collecting your benefits.

Estimated Social Security Cumulative Benefit Amount.

Estimate your total Social Security cumulative benefits with Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLA) based on your Life Expectancy. Learn More.

Five scenarios in a single screen.

Compare five estimated Social Security cumulative benefit amounts with custom life expectancy assumptions inputted by you. Learn More.

Age to begin collecting your benefits.

Determine what age to begin collecting your benefits guided by highlighted cumulative amounts automatically calculated in five scenarios. Learn More.

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Planning Tools.

Whether you are in the accumulation stage, getting ready for retirement, or already retired, start using the Retirement Buckets® platform for FREE.

Do I have enough savings to retire and stay retired?

Understand how your Fixed Income and Investment Income will work together to help generate your monthly retirement income. Learn More.

Retirement income summary.

Introduction to The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan with comprehensive summary of Fixed Income, Investment Income, and the Investment Income Bucket Strategy, illustrating the retirement income overview throughout your retirement years. Learn More.

Estimate the value of Fixed Income.

Ever wanted to estimate the lump-sum value of your pension, annuity, or any other Fixed Income source? Before making an irrevocable decision, use the Retirement Buckets® to help you estimate the lump-sum value of your benefit. Learn More.

Set your savings goal.

Use the Retirement Buckets® to help you determine the savings amount needed for future retirement income and use that amount as your target accumulation goal. Learn More.

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Manage Retirement Income.

The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan is complex in design, but simple to use. The uncertainty of where the assets will be invested, who manages the investments, and their overall framework is addressed by giving you full control over the implementation, so you can retire and stay retired with confidence.

Create and manage retirement income.

The Retirement Buckets® will help determine the initial investment amount needed to generate the desired retirement income and will provide with the implementation tools to execute the plan. Learn More.

Bucket allocation of funds.

Ongoing guidance to transfer funds between the buckets to support long term viability, decrease investment risk, and help maintain Investment Income. Learn More.

Dashboard tracking.

Systematically updated projected values of each bucket to benchmark and manage the investment portfolios throughout the retirement yearsLearn More.

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