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Transform the retirement income management in your practice and grow your business with our low-cost easy to use web-based platform.

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Use the Retirement Buckets® platform as a turnkey solution to manage the retirement income requirements for your clients and personalize it with FREE white-label features.

The web-based platform is built to service the entire book of business under a single sign-on and empowers your practice to cater the retirement income management services to any client.

Why do I need it.

Consistent, repeatable, and scalable process to create and manage retirement income.

What do I get.

All available features for unlimited use with unlimited number of clients in your practice.

How do I get it.

Register your practice and start using The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan for FREE.

Become an expert in retirement income management.

Remove the complexity of managing the retirement income for your clients and grow your practice through referrals.

retirement buckets dashboard fin adv

Retirement timeline indicator to identify the current year/month within the entire plan.


Monthly gross Fixed Income (Social Security, pensions, annuities, etc.) available throughout the retirement years and adjusted to COLA every 5-year period.


Monthly gross Investment Income generated by the Investment Income Bucket Strategy and adjusted to inflation every 5-year period.


Total monthly gross Retirement Income generated by Fixed Income and Investment Income.


Investment Income Bucket Strategy is comprised of four buckets designed to help generate gross Investment Income.

Current Income Bucket is a short-term risk-avoidance strategy designed to distribute an ongoing monthly income throughout the retirement years.
5-Year Growth Bucket is a short-term risk-minimization investment strategy designed to periodically refill the Current Income Bucket.
10-Year Growth Bucket is an intermediate-term risk-reduction investment strategy designed to periodically refill the Current Income Bucket and 5-Year Growth Bucket.
10-Year+ Growth Bucket is a long-term risk-management investment strategy designed to periodically refill the 10-Year Growth Bucket.

Projected Value of Bucket 1 to benchmark the investment portfolios.


Projected Value of Bucket 2 to benchmark the investment portfolios.


Projected Value of Bucket 3 to benchmark the investment portfolios.


Projected Value of Bucket 4 to benchmark the investment portfolios.

Practice features and benefits.

Time-tested strategy built as a web-based retirement income management software to empower your practice with consistent, repeatable, and scalable process to create and manage retirement income.

Establish new client relationships.

Whether your prospects are in the accumulation stage, getting ready for retirement, or already retired, present your retirement income management process using your FREE demo account.

Value proposition.

Guide your prospects through the retirement income development and management process and immediately demonstrate the value of your recommendations.

Lead generation.

The referral mindset is deeply integrated into the software enabling your clients to naturally refer you to their neighbors, friends, family members, and colleagues.

Qualify your prospects.

Quantitatively qualify your prospects and quickly determine if they fit into your advisory business model when it comes to AUM minimums, fees, and other criteria used in your practice.

Plan availability:

  • Registered
  • Standard

Collect client’s information.

The data gathering is easy and simple. The Retirement Buckets® will help you and your clients to identify all available fixed income sources and investable assets to generate the desired retirement income.

Easy data gathering.

Simplified walk-through data gathering process, including the assumptions about the life expectancy, inflation, and COLA, makes the client onboarding quick and easy.

Identify all fixed income.

Effortlessly identify all pensions, fixed annuities, variable annuities, Social Security, and any other fixed income available to your clients.

Identify the necessary assets.

Quickly determine the initial investment amount needed to implement The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan and present it to your clients.

Plan availability:

  • Registered
  • Standard

Analyze and evaluate client's financial status.

Use The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan to provide your clients with a clear understanding of their financial situation and their ability to transition from employment paycheck to retirement income.

Automated process.

The algorithm-based analysis process of The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan delivers consistent outcome for all of your clients, making your practice highly scalable.

Overview reports.

The set of comprehensive reports to help your clients visualize their retirement income, enabling you to move forward with the planning process.

Identify discretionary assets.

Facilitate the discussion to discover the additional assets beyond the initial investment amount required to implement The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan.

Plan availability:

  • Registered
  • Standard

Develop recommendations.

The Retirement Buckets® platform will accommodate any advisory practice regardless of advisor's investing style or experience.

Projected growth rates.

The platform offers you the flexibility of selecting your own growth rate assumptions for each bucket within the guidelines of the Retirement Buckets®.

Initial recommendations.

The Retirement Buckets® develops the initial bucket allocation and delivers it through the Implementation Overview, making it easy to present to your clients.

Plan deliverable.

The Retirement Buckets® platform makes the documentation process easy and convenient for your practice by converting all screens into a single PDF report.

Plan availability:

  • Registered
  • Standard

Implement recommendations.

The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan recommendations can be implemented on any advisory platform and it does not require any special training.

Investing process.

You can implement The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan using the investment products and services that you commonly use in your practice.

Investment selection.

The platform enables you to add and present any number of accounts and investments to your clients, making it easier to understand and commit to implementation.

Asset allocation.

The Retirement Buckets® will dynamically develop the asset allocation as you add the investment options in each bucket.

Plan availability:

  • Registered
  • Standard

Ongoing review.

The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan will guide you with the systematically updated projected values of each bucket and bucket transfer recommendations to help maintain the retirement income throughout the life of the plan.


The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan is equipped with the dashboard that you can use to help your clients benchmark each portfolio.


Ongoing reminders for bucket transfers to help you effectively manage your client's retirement income throughout the life of the plan.

Interactive client meetings.

The consistent and repeatable client experience will facilitate a higher client satisfaction, resulting in stronger relationship and increase in referrals.

Plan availability:

  • Registered
  • Standard

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