Retirement Income Tools for every Advisor

Leverage Investment Link® technology as your fintech partner to attract, retain, and service the needs of clients focusing on retirement income.

Financial Institutions

The financial firms wishing to offer The Retirement Buckets® Income Plan to all of their advisors can license the software and benefit multiple users within their firm.

The advisors will have unlimited access to all retirement income plans, but the institution would be charged for the licensing fee.


Why do I need it.

Third-party retirement income solutions for your organization.

What do I get.

Financial technology platform specializing in retirement income.

How do I get it.

Request more information to start the conversation.

Request More Information

Any plan. No credit card required.

We've removed all the barriers

so you can see for yourself how creating a plan to manage your retirement income puts you in control over your financial future.

Thank you for sharing!

Be sure to check our Refer-a-Friend program for potential permanent reduction to your advisory service plan fee.

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